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  1. Purchase Agreement is signed by buyer & seller then faxed to buyer’s lender.
  2. Earnest money is deposited into trust account within five days of signed Purchase Agreement.
  3. Abstract is taken to abstract company for seller search.
  4. A full house inspection is set up & done within designated time on Purchase Agreement.
  5. Any deficiencies from the inspection is corrected or negotiated.
  6. An appraisal is ordered by buyer’s lender & completed. Any repairs required are resolved.
  7. Pest inspection is done and any issues resolved.
  8. Buyer obtains homeowner’s insurance on new home.
  9. Title Commitment or Title Opinion is done by buyer’s/lender’s attorney and any or all title issues are resolved.
  10. An actual closing date is set by closer & buyer.
  11. Utility companies are called so transfer of utilities can happen on closing day.
  12. A final walk-through is done.
  13. CLOSING DAY!! YEAH!!! The keys to your new home are YOURS!!
  14. Buyer is advised to change the locks and to sign up for Homestead Credit.